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SUBSCRIPTION   packages and on-demand services
Get exactly what you need with our targeted subscription packages. Read the descriptions of our services below and choose what best fits your business needs. Call (202) 216-2801 or email us to place an order or for more information.
Find fast and accurate verbatim transcripts for political events in Washington that affect you
Maximize your event by providing a searchable transcript, optimized video, and more.
Identify, share and track the effectiveness of your media message or an ongoing issue in the public debate.
Accurately translate the nuances of your documents into more than 60 languages.
The Potomac Collection
Potomac Image
Regulatory and Legislative Impact tools
The Potomac Collection™ follows federal legislative and regulatory activity as it happens. Monitor changes to bills and regulations critical to your business or agency. Access the deepest resources of federal legislative data. POTOMAC subscribers receive immediate alerts to the impact of pending federal legislation and regulations.
Transcripts Database and Services
Transcript Database Subscription
Find fast, accurate and complete transcripts of the actual words spoken by every major political figure in Washington within hours, including:
  • Interviews and speeches by newsmakers and presidential candidates
  • Gavel-to-gavel testimony of Congressional hearings and key press conferences
  • Broad Foreign Affairs coverage including transcripts related to the Middle East
  • More than 260,000 searchable transcripts in our archives for your research needs
  • U.S. based transcriptionists for your security
Now you can zero in on the content you need and access targeted transcripts. Choose from any of the transcript categories below and call us at (202) 216-2801 or email us to get immediate access.
Specialized Vertical Content Categories:
Congressional Hearings: Major congressional committee hearings and select subcommittee hearings
Daybook: Calendar of professional events in Washington, D.C., organized by category and fully text-searchable
Defense: News events related to U.S. defense policy, with an emphasis on Senate Armed Services and House Armed Services committee hearings, Defense and Military Construction subcommittee hearings, and media briefings by military leadership
Election Coverage: Election coverage includes presidential candidate remarks, debates, conventions and media monitoring coverage for candidates and issues across the country
Finance: News events related to U.S. economic policy and the global financial sector, with an emphasis on Senate Banking, Senate Finance and House Financial Services committee hearings, Treasury Department briefings, Federal Reserve press conferences, as well as speeches by key policymakers
Foreign Affairs: News events related to U.S. foreign policy, with an emphasis on Senate Foreign Relations & House Foreign Affairs committee hearings, foreign leader visits, State Department briefings, and other public policy events in Washington
Health Care: News events related to the national U.S. healthcare debate, with an emphasis on committee hearings, press briefings and public policy events in Washington
Law and Justice: News events related to U.S. courts, immigration and law enforcement, including Department of Justice press conferences, House and Senate Judiciary hearings, Supreme Court and DOJ nominations
Middle East: News events related to the Middle East, with an emphasis on the discussion of the region in Washington and media monitoring coverage around the world
Newsmakers: All public presidential remarks, major executive and legislative branch press briefings, other national topical content
User-directed coverage: Have a specialized need for transcript coverage? Be the first one to get the transcript! We will transcribe the audio of events at your direction with the turnaround you need
Call (202) 216-2801 or email us to discuss your information needs and how we can help.
Transcription Services On Demand
Pick and choose the FNS Transcription options you need, when you need them. We can help you record and edit your important events, enhance your posted audio and video clip optimization, reach the hearing impaired and much more. See a list of the unique on-demand services we provide:
Search Engine Optimization and Section 508 Compliance
Broaden your audience reach to include the hearing impaired by synchronizing a transcript to your audio or video file. Allow search engines to crawl your page more effectively and more frequently. Enrich your collection of podcasts, YouTube clips, or other content with verbatim text that fulfills Section 508 compliance requirements. Let your event live on by transcribing your multimedia content today!
Event audio recording and transcribing
Don't have the necessary equipment to record your event? Our professionals will record your event and provide a transcript. Increase the longevity of your event by making your audio and video files searchable.
Event video recording and live streaming
Need audio or video of your event? We can record your event live or in-house through a webcast or phone line as an added value to your transcript. We can provide MP3 file, raw video, edited video, or even live stream your event to your website.
Produce an executive/detailed summary of an event
As an added value to your transcription service, have a member of our experienced staff create a one-page executive summary, highlighting the key moments from your event. Additionally, we can produce an extensive written narrative with details from the entire event.
Distribute my transcript through the FNS Transcripts Database
For added value, your transcript can be distributed through our subscription-based Transcript Database, expanding your reach to seasoned journalists, policymakers, experts, lobbyists, and foreign dignitaries.
Call (202) 216-2801 or email us to discuss your information needs and how we can help.
Media Monitoring
Media Monitoring Subscription
Identify, track and share media coverage from thousands of media sources in the U.S. and around the world. Federal News Service, Media Monitoring is the single platform that will give you the power to follow, quantify, and evaluate media reporting for all of your business needs.
Key Features of a subscription:
  • Real-time print and online monitoring, including social media
  • Chart and track media exposure and monetary value
  • Export key words, use analytics and create powerful presentations
  • Real-time unlimited broadcast reporting
  • Save and organize audio and video clips
  • Share your coverage publicly via email or newsletter
In addition, these specialty services are available with your subscription to Media Monitoring:
Issue Monitoring: Have a specialized need to know how a particular issue is being tracked across the national or local media markets? Harness our unique user-directed portal to create reports, track and evaluate media coverage and share your findings with others. Content is gathered from print, broadcast television, online and social media sources.
PR Monitoring: Track media mentions of specific clients, download and share broadcast TV clips, and create reports. PR Monitoring consolidates all of your television, social media and online monitoring and analysis into one convenient digital platform. You will have access to video from all major broadcast and cable networks as well as newscasts from over 200 local markets. Our user-friendly platform allows for storage and sharing of your broadcast highlights through a personalized digital archive.
Call (202) 216-2801 or email us for more information or to subscribe.
Translation Services
Translation Services On Demand
Accurately translate your legal texts, medical records, educational documents and more so you and your clients can get what is needed. Don’t face translation challenges on your own. Let us help.
Key features of the Service
  • More than 60 languages
  • ATA-certified
  • Notarized letter of authenticity
  • One point of contact with our in-house staff
  • Special services: non-English language transcription and editing
  • Quick turnarounds
  • U.S. based translators for accuracy and security
Call (202) 216-2801 or email us for more information or to place an order.
The POTOMAC Collection
Follow federal legislative and regulatory activity as it happens. Monitor changes to bills and regulations critical to your business or agency. Access the deepest resources of federal legislative data. POTOMAC subscribers receive immediate alerts to the impact of pending federal legislation and regulations.
Key features of the subscription
Learn the IMPACT of pending federal legislation and rules, in detail, on every current law and statute. All laws and regulations are dissected in a concise, printable format. Find every new federal bill, resolution or regulation and learn how it will impact you, your business or your agency. Run the IMPACT tool for:
  • All House and Senate proposals, as filed and amended
  • All new rules, notices and regulations, as proposed and finalized
Email Alerts
Monitor what matters. Know every proposed or enacted change to the laws and regulations that matter most to you, your business or your agency.
  • Monitor by federal law or regulation, agency or CFR section
  • Alerts customized so you'll receive only the information you need
  • As-it-happens email ALERTS or on your schedule
Federal data source access is the cornerstone of The POTOTMAC Collection. Continually updated, POTOMAC features the most complete online collection of federal laws, bills, resolutions and regulatory materials. Easy to search, easy to use; POTOMAC makes searching complex federal datasets intuitive.
  • Statutes at Large from 1789 to now, plus the complete U.S. Code
  • All House and Senate bills and resolutions
  • Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations
Call (202) 216-2801 or email us for more information or to place an order.